Cindy Crawford or Valerie Bertinelli

chaoskitty123 2013/01/07 14:49:31
I have to agree, Valerie does look twenty years younger than her actual age and should be the one pitching this product
I agree, Cindy does look her actual age but she's still a knockout
Natural Beauty Is Still Better Than "Meaningful" Beauty
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Meaningful Beauty is a product which is claimed to fight wrinkles and is used to make women like Cindy Crawford look young and beautiful. However, the claims made in the commercials are a bit odd because it has Valerie Bertinelli praising Cindy Crawford as looking young when Cindy actually looks her actual age of 47 while Valerie still looks in her twenties or early thirties when she's actually 53 years old as of this year.

Now, please forgive me as in looking at Cindy, you could accomplish what she claims with any amount of makeup considering most of the time in almost all of her ad's she's wearing makeup so that if the Meaningful Beauty products work, you really cannot back up the claims by looking at her as the makeup covers her wrinkles. Even for that, you can tell she has aged over the past twenty years as the signs of age are all over her face.

But Valerie Bertinelli genuinely looks young... way younger than her actual age.

The product being promoted may actually work as a lot of women swear by it in regard to wrinkles and so forth. But the commercial goes way beyond that making claims it actually makes you look younger when it doesn't. Wrinkles are not the only sign of age as your face physically changes over time and Cindys face is that of a mature woman in her late 40's. But Valerie actually looks like she has defied the aging process as she still looks much as she did when she was younger and even if she had wrinkles, her actual face has not changed that much from the way it looked in her youth. Wrinkles in her case might be the only sign of aging she actually shows.

So, my question is this... can a product make you look younger by eliminating wrinkles if your face shows the signs of age in other ways to where people can still tell your age by looking at you?

Maybe women want to retain any sense of youth they can as they age but Cindy has been promoting this product for years now and she actually still shows that her face has aged... if I were going to use anyone to promote an anti aging cream, it would be Valerie Bertinelli which may be why they brought her in because someone like her praising Cindy Crawford as looking younger may better sell the pitch they're making as in Valeries case, she genuinely looks twenty years younger than she is.

What's your view as I'm not speaking beauty nor age... I'm addressing the claims of the product in relation to the reality of what you actually see.

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